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Woman Soccer Brazil Project

The project Bola Brasil Mulher was created by entrepreneur, lawyer, journalist and international marketing consultant, Roberto Nóbrega, ever since 2005, working in the area of foreign trade, and seeing the progress of women's football in the world always questioned himself, because in Brazil this female teams have always been poorly publicized and supported.
With its international contacts, also with Sweden, a country that played an important role when it comes to relations from 2002 to 2006, when he worked for company MRT system AB, of that country. Seeing and following the progress of the feminine soccer in the world, he decided to create the project and website, also influenced by the victories Brazil had in the Olympic Games held in Rio De Janeiro, as well as because of the decision of the Ministry of the Sports which will soon create the Brazilian League of Feminine Soccer.
We believe that with the project Bola Brasil Mulher, the dream of thousands of brazilians who play soccer will finally become true, considering more attention in national and worldwide levels, hopingfor completel support from everyone involved, as well as supporting the National Association of Feminine Soccer.
The Bola Brasil Mulher project has as its creator and CEO: Roberto A. Nóbrega and as vice-president, entrepreneur Luciana Nóbrega. Both have given the first kick to make this project real back in 2017 , and also as partners of the project, the agency Sport Models de São Paulo, represented by its director, Renato Cury.
With increasing reformulations, the project intends to advertise and support the athletes, to assist the masculine clubs to enter this feminine universe, giving chance for the “Brazilian talents” to play feminine soccer, supporting teamss, matches and championships, also creating a TV channel that is broadcasted online bringing interviews, productions of short and full-lenght movies that tell the story of the main athletes from the Brazilian Feminine Soccer (as Marta Vieira Da Silva). We also aim at supporting events and awardings with the top athletes and we also intend to expand, in the near future, our field of performance, going abroad and encouraging the creation of soccer schools for girls, as well as exporting Brazil's know-how in the sport.

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